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Elevate your space with our Extra Large & Large Sences Reed Diffusers. Enjoy premium aromatherapy scents that fill your room with tranquility and relaxation.

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Morrocan Amber

The Amber Alang Alang Reed Diffuser contains an amazing spicy amber aroma is a customer favourite that helps create a warm and cozy environment. It has a woody vibe with earth tones that creates an exotic environment.


The Onyx Sences Alang Alang Reed Diffuser is great for a home with darker tones. The scent inside the bottle is a rich and deep exotic pure island scent.


The White Sences Alang Alang Reed Diffuser like our whole collection, is a firm favourite amongst our customers. It’s scent is a refreshing tonka bean & clove scent, which is a mix of sweet, spicy, nutty, herbaceous, and woody.

Citrus Verbena

The Citrus Sences Alang Alang Reed Diffuser contains a vibrant lemon-like scent that gradually transforms in to a sweet, fruity aroma. It’s said to boost mood, and reduce anxiety.


This gorgeous fragrance is warm and exotic with notes of spicy amber, ambergris and wood resins. As a new member of our Sences diffuser collection, it will certainly not disappoint!

Pink Blush

Blush has a delicate and feminine floral fragrance. This soft and romantic scent will bring a touch of freshness and springtime at home. Its gentle aroma will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Experience the fresh, uplifting scent of citrus with our Extra Large Sences Portofino Neroli Reed Diffuser. This scent will transport you away to the sunny Italian coast.

Ocean Fragrance

This Sences Ocean Fragrance Extra Large Reed Diffuser is a great way to fragrance your home with a refreshing ocean scent. The 2200 ml bottle provides long-lasting scent.


Experience the allure of Sences Smoke fragrance. With notes of smoldering woods and aromatic spices, it envelops your senses in a veil of intrigue and allure.


Indulge in the essence of Florist fragrance, a delightful bouquet captured in a bottle. Fresh blooms mingle with hints of green leaves and gentle floral notes, creating an enchanting scent that brings the charm of a florist's shop to your everyday moments.

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