Our Sences Reed Diffuser Refills are back in stock and we are SO excited! Our luxury home fragrances are back in a brand new 500ml vessel that can be reused. These include all your favourite fragrances, from Tonka Bean & CloveCitrus Verbena & Morrocan Amber. These scents are made with the finest quality fragrances and are an extremely effective way to fragrance your home.



Morrocan Amber Reed Diffuser Refill - £23.99

Amber is a blend of warm, powdery, woody notes known to evoke a feeling of wellbeing, peace and relaxation. Ylang ylang is beautifully fragrant with an intense, fruity floral aroma known for its ability to help alleviate  stress, soothe and create a feeling of calm and tranquility.


 Citrus Verbena Reed Diffuser Refill - £23.99

This is a fresh, vibrant, uplifting aroma known for it’s ability to relieve feelings of anxiety and stress, it calms and soothes giving a feeling of wellbeing.


Tonka Bean & Clove Reed Diffuser Refill - £23.99

The Tonka bean & Clove fragrance is a mix of a fresh breeze or clean laundry with a powerful scent of vanilla, woodruff, and almonds.


Reed Diffusers are a fantastic way to fill your home with your favourite fragrance. But all good things do come to an end, and your diffuser will eventually run out of that gorgeous scent oil. The good news is that refilling your reed diffuser is VERY easy! 

How To Use Reed Diffuser Refills

Step 1: First of all, choose if you’d like to keep or get rid of your old reeds. It is inexpensive to buy more, but if your original reeds are still in good condition you can just reuse these. 

Step 2: Wash out your original glass bottle - you’ll just need some washing up liquid and hot water.

Step 3: Pour the new refill into the old diffuser.Then you have a beautiful reed diffuser, just like new!

Why use Reed Diffuser Refills?

  • Diffuser Refills are more environmentally friendly as there is less packaging, meaning less waste.
  • They allow you to get the most out of your original Diffuser and reeds. 

If you have any questions about reed diffuser refills and how to make them work for you, simply reach out to us on Instagram. We’d be more than happy to help. Of course you can shop our beautiful Diffuser Refills at chloejadehome.com


February 07, 2023